There may be many people who do not have a roof in the parking lot. In such cases, the “car cover” is recommended. It is an excellent one that protects your car from rain, snow and yellow sand. However, there are various types and it is easy to be wondering which one to choose. This time, we will introduce recommended products in the ranking format.

Do you know “car cover”? It is a very useful item that protects against animal dung, yellow sand, theft, and winter frost. It is especially popular with people who use parking lots without roofs. There are many types of car covers, depending on size, material, and purpose. This time, we created a ranking of popular recommended car covers based on ease of use, size, material, and fixing method.

15 popular car cover rankings

Easy half car body cover for automobile (body cover / half cover)

Easy installation half cover

The attractive half cover is easy to install. Fix the front and rear plastic hooks, and put the rubber strap on the mirror to complete the installation. Protects cars from dust, bird droppings, yellow sand and frost. Since it is easy to install, it is safe for women. If you refer to the review, it is thin and light, so you can quickly wear it when you get used to it. However, it should be noted that there is no instruction manual or manual attached.

Rain X

Car cover

Protect your car with soft materials

A car cover made of a soft material with a three-layer mesh structure. Full cover type for complete car protection. Protect your important car from ultraviolet rays because it is also UV processed. It is also important that the drainage is good, so it is difficult for moisture to accumulate. One of the popular reasons is that the lining is also brushed back so that it is less likely to be scratched. The front and rear are equipped with strong rubber and an easy-to-install fixing belt, so it is safe even if the wind blows. He / she prevents car cover from coming off by strong wind.


Bonnet cover

Fit well and protect your car!

It is  buy rv covers made in Japan. Very convenient when only the hood comes out of the garage. Protects against UV rays, bird droppings, yellow sand, and prevents deterioration. It is attractive that it can be easily removed by hooking it onto the door mirror. The lower part of the bumper has rubber at the edge and can be fitted because it has elasticity. It will be hard to be blown out because it can prevent a cold from entering the gap. It looks like a slap when referring to the review, but it is highly appreciated if it is surprisingly solid. It seems that it keeps firmly even if it is a typhoon.


Alladen Flameproof Thick Body Cover Applicable vehicle length 3.50m ~ 4.10m Height standard below 1.52m General car SBP4B

Car cover with flameproof finish for peace of mind

This is a car cover certified by the Japan Flame Protection Association. An excellent product that protects your car from suspicious fires and guards your car from sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and rain. It is also a point that it is durable because it is thick. A convenient nameplate is also included, making it easy to find even when parked outdoors. This is a type that has not been brushed back, but if you are worried about scratching the car body, check out the “Brushed Body Cover II”.


Car cover body cover mini car

Most suitable for light vehicles

A general-purpose car cover that is most suitable for mini vehicles. Features 190T polyester taffeta, UV protection, smoothness, flexibility, resistance to breakage, and resistance to wrinkling. Because it is compatible with all seasons, it will protect your car 365 days a year. In addition, it can be easily installed by using a one-touch belt. It is designed to be easily installed because it is used every day. Furthermore, it is a nice point that the length can be adjusted because it is an adjuster type. You can attach it both small and large.


Bonnet cover General-purpose type for minivan vehicles

General-purpose products for minivans

General-purpose product for minivan vehicles with bonnet. For Toyota, Alphard, Ipsum, Noah, Voxy, Prius. For Nissan, Serena, Tiida and Prairie. For Honda, Odyssey, Step Wagon, and CRV. For Mazda, MPV, CX-7, Frendy and Premacy apply. Polyester Oxford fabric is used so it can be used all year round. Since it is a general-purpose product, it may not fit perfectly, but it is safe because it can be adjusted by the length of the door mirror. If you refer to the review, it is a water repellent fabric, but it is not waterproof, so it may stain the back if it is raining. Please note that if you do not remove it immediately after soaking, water stains can occur.

World garage

Car cover body cover advanced model

The size that completely covers a car!

Because it is a large size, it can be safely stored in a sedan or station wagon as well as light. Available for all seasons. It is very convenient when you want to protect your favorite car 365 days a year. It is also attractive that it has a brushed back that won’t damage the car body. Excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance. It’s also good that you don’t have to worry about being blown off because it also has an anti-wind strap. When referring to the review, there was some weight (3.1cm), so it was difficult to fly by the wind.


Body cover

Can be used without a problem in many vehicles

A car cover featuring a unique design that is easy to use. A zipper is provided on the driver’s side, and it is attractive to put it inside even after the cover is put on. This is useful if you forget something in the car. You can also rest inside with the cover on. Fixed equipment is also sufficient. With a fixed buckle in the middle of the vehicle, a bottom fixed band, and a fixed strap, it is safe even if strong winds blow. Thanks to the back brushing and waterproofing, you can keep your car safe. However, it is a little heavy, and if you use it frequently, you may find it difficult to remove it.


Car cover half car cover

The surface is durable and the back is car-friendly

Half cover with 4 layers and 3 protection functions. The first protects your car from external contamination. The second does not let water pass through the air. The third is a cloth that is gentle on the painted surface by brushed back. Unlike the full cover, it is easy to install. Even women can easily wear it. Although it is waterproof, it is not completely waterproof and is used with a certain level of breathability. Therefore, please keep in mind that there is a possibility of intrusion when it hits rainwater for a long time.


Light truck carrier seat

Convenient for protecting light truck beds!

It is a cargo truck seat for light trucks. Protects luggage on the carrier from dust and sunlight. Since 10 rubber ropes are attached, it can be firmly fixed to the track. You can use it immediately from the day it arrives. The car cover is made of durable PVC turbolin. Difficult to tear and quality is different from those sold at home centers. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is cheap and can be purchased easily.


Car body cover

4-layer back raising type

High reflectivity and UV proof in summer. Prevents snow, ice and frost in winter. In addition, it is a 3XL size car cover that prevents bird droppings, dust and scratches. Because it has a four-layer structure, it is highly durable and waterproof, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also good that there is no worry of damaging the car body because it has been brushed back. In addition, windproof belts are attached to the front and back so that they are not affected by wind. You can protect your car well even if a heavy wind blows. However, referring to the review, it seems that the car with the wings firmly attached to the 90’s genuine option may not fit the size (it seems to be a little under the rear bumper).


Bonnet protective cover

Half size ideal for bonnet protection

This half cover is useful when the hood or roof is not long enough for the garage or roof. Avoid dullness and deterioration of headlights by avoiding ultraviolet rays and direct sunlight. Easy to install. Simply place the cover on the hood and hang the rubber rings sewn on the left and right door mirrors. Since it is easy to remove, it is convenient for daily use. However, there is no fastener at the bottom of the bumper, so there is a possibility of being blown by the wind. When purchasing, you will need to fix it with tape.


The latest improved car cover

Unbreakable and durable

A firm and thick car cover that resists tearing and has excellent durability. Since it can cover firmly down, it is difficult for the wind to enter, so it does not slip off with the belt, so there is no worry of flying. However, it is waterproof, but it is not completely waterproof, and rainwater may invade from the portion sewn on the sewing thread if it is heavy rainwater for a long time (typhoon or heavy rain).


The latest improved SUV car cover

Extremely strong water repellency, waterproofing, moisture proofing, cold resistance and durability against UV

Unlike the brushed back, it uses a high-quality PVC coat and a waterproof nylon material to prevent damage to your car. In addition, the fabric performance is further enhanced by applying a fluorine water-repellent finish with special fibers. We realized extremely strong water repellency, waterproofing, moisture proofing, cold resistance, and durability against UV rays. In addition, the thickness is firmly prevented to prevent cat scratches and other damage. Since it is lightweight, it can be easily attached and removed, so it will be easy for women to handle. The four hooks are fixed to the wheels, and the one-touch fixing belt covers them even in strong winds.


Body cover

Super water-repellent & back raising type

Because it is made of waterproof nylon, it is characterized by having better water repellency than ordinary car covers. Since the back brushed material is used to prevent the car body from being scratched, it protects you from scratches caused by strong winds and cover removal. In addition, with one person can easily attach and detach. Even if you forget something in the car, it ’s easy because there ’s a zipper on the driver ’s side. When not in use, it is easy to carry because it has a storage bag.

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